We publish text & image combinations of all varieties. Send us your reverse villanellles, double/triple haibun, good old Ginsbergian bob kabbalah, asemic cryptolectics, semiotic pictographs, or just something new. Old school remixes for the digital age will not go unspun either. GIFpoetics and codetomes welcome, too.

We encourage work from anyone who isn’t Jeff Sessions. Seriously, if your story isn’t being heard, we welcome it here. We want to build suns with our poets and shine together.

Submissions are closed until the Autumn Equinox.

The journal is free and digital; read it, then submit. For poetry, send 3-5 poems in a single attachment (doc or docx) to petrichorpoems [at] gmail [dot] com. Hybrid/Visual work may be sent in PDF, jpeg, png or tiff. We will not respond to submissions containing any other file type. Each poem should begin a new page.

Simultaneous submissions are fine. If accepted elsewhere, please respond to your original submission email. Art and text work may be sent together, though in separate attachments.

​In the body of your email, just include a brief third person bio, subject to revision. No need for formalities; we know why you’re here. Calls for standalone (non-text-related) art, if open, are posted at the top of this page. All submissions must be in tiff format.