Submissions for petrichor #9 be accepted from September 1 to November 15. The issue will drop January 2019.

ISSUE THEME: Renewal. As we reach the end of another year, we look to what’s next, and what keeps going. We hope that everyone we hold comes out on the other side with us this time. We hope the future isn’t some dystopian YA, for once. We hope that nachos fries stay on the menu. Renewal means we’re in it for another round. How’d we get there? Where have we been?

Submissions for this issue may include up to 5 pages of poetic text, five PNG or TIFF files including visual work, vispo, asemic, whatever you’ve got to show us that under the broad theme. Past contributors are welcome to submit, with the exception of those who have appeared in issues 7 & 8. Send us your best.

The usual junk still applies:

Send work to petrichorpoems at gmail dot com. Simultaneous submissions are fine. If accepted elsewhere, please respond to your original submission email. Art and text work may be sent together, though in separate attachments.

In the body of your email, just include a brief third person bio, subject to revision. No need for formalities; we know why you’re here.