Jackson Mac Low #12

               Judgment alibis mannequin
               Aberrant starvation khaki
               Certitude off Abbey tourist
               Kiosks iron nature grail
               Smoke imagined night-ridden
               Osprey warm landscape
               Nature engraving stream time

               Memoires appliances stagnation
               Ambits salty kinky
               Curly opium annotated targeta

               Lily origin abstentious mores
               Obviously willows leg
               Winter inventor’s trying

Jackson Mac Low #13

               Jet-stream angel materialized
               Amorphous riverine melon’s
               Conglomerating offbeat sexes tresses
               Kisses’ inner narcoleptic glory
               Sessions igniting nightingales
               Own worms little
               Narrow exterior stretched tiptoeing

               Mewling air’s Stonehenge thinking
               Amorphous rosy moons
               Crystalline oddly short totter

               Lily ambiguous momently promises
               Orpheus’ wife’s lights
               Wash evilly tropical

Jackson Mac Low #14

               Jut arrogance meadow
               Aflame rebuke memory
               Ceremonial alive scattering tribes
               Killing instate nurse golden
               Surrounding identical noises
               Organic whistling leaves
               Noses ego space

               Migraine aching spectacle trauma
               Apostasy repetitive marginal
               Contortionist overpainting slickly tracking

               Look ambitious preying
               Orderly white light
               Weedy earthy laughter

Hugh Tribbey’s poetry has most recently appeared or is forthcoming in Malpais Review, Futures Trading, Experiential-Experimental Literature, Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter, and Truck. He is the author of eight collections of poetry. The most recent is the e-book Wrinkle and Mechanism(White Sky, 2013). Tribbey holds a Ph.D. in English from Oklahoma State University and teaches literature and creative writing at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma.