petrichor is currently open for submissions to a special Docupoetics issue:

petrichor #19 is themed around Docupoetics. While keeping definitions vague, we’re looking for intermedia work which incorporates outside sources (documents, quotations, photographs), poems or poetic things which may include erasure, collage poem, and/or lyrical essay components. Docupoetics is about documentation, and this can and should include critique, something at stake. We like truth to power and power to people. We’re not interested in nationalist epics or justifications of imperialism. We want to see work with a strong sense of place or event; personal narratives which connect with cultural, regional, and/or socio-economic narratives are highly encouraged. Please include some kind of bibliography for any sources used.

Some docupoetic works we like:
Tracy K. Smith – Wade in the Water
Anthony Cody – Borderlands Apocrypha
Don Mee Choi – DMZ Colony
Layli Long Soldier – Whereas
Robin Coste Lewis – Voyage of the Sable Venus
Muriel Rukeyser – Book of the Dead
Geoffrey Hill – Mercian Hymns
Diana Khoi Nguyen – Ghost Of

Submissions for our Docupoetics issue will run from October 1 to December 1, 2021.

A digital archive of text & image, petrichor publishes your reverse villanelles, collage clips, double/triple haibun, asemic cryptolectics, semiotic pictographs, or just something new. Old school remixes for the digital age will not go unspun. GIFpoetics & code tomes welcome, too. We welcome underrepresented voices and unheard approaches to poetics and the melding of text & image. If you aren’t seeing you out there, send yourself here.

We’re into:

Poetry: Send a single attached doc or docx file of no more than three poems, unpublished elsewhere.

Visual Poetry: No more than five separate PNG files, or a single PDF. We like the space bar.

Video Poetics: gif? mov? Why not.

Poetics Essays: Submit only one, about 1250 words long. We’re looking for concise. Essays may include visuals.

You: Include brief bio of 2-3 sentences, third person. Kudos if you have multiple collections; we’ll mention the most recent ones.

Send Stuff To:
We do not require a cover letter, but we’re always interested to learn how you found out about us. Wait six months after acceptance to submit again, & one month if declined.