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A journal of text & image, petrichor publishes your double mesostics, collage clips, double/triple haibun, asemic cryptolectics, glitching phrases, semiotic pictographs, or just something new. Old school remixes for the digital age will not go unspun. GIFpoetics & code tomes welcome, too. We welcome underrepresented voices and unheard approaches to poetics and the melding of text & image. And lately? We’re feeling angry. If you aren’t seeing you out there, send yourself here.

Best of the Net Noms
Scherezade Siobhan — echo (#10)
Catherine Weiss—sugar & pornography (#10)
Kelsey Bryan-Zwick — Scoliosis (#9)
Hiba Cheema — Happy Birthday from a War Zone (#9)
John LaPine — My Mother Does Not Want to Be Buried (#8)
Wanda Deglane — 7 Better Endings (#8)
Jessie Janeshek — Channel U/Cold Feet (#7)
James Croal Jackson — Reviewing Geometry for the GRE: First Lesson (#7)
Derick Ebert — Before the Bullet: A Black Panther’s Sestina (#7)
Michelle Watts—Lines of the Lark (#6)
Brooke Larson—Viewer & Bog Body & Other Collapses (#5)
Kirk Windus — The Girl Behind the Glass (#4)
Devon Balwit — Coital, Post-Coital (#4)
Nick Brush — Playing Soldier (#4)
Rich Glinnen — When the Good Lord Takes Me (#2)
Katarina Boudreaux — The White Bike on Rampart (#2)
David Anthony Sam — A Lark is Hunger in the Blood (#2)