Seth Copeland Founder & EIC Seth grew up in Oklahoma and currently lives, teaches, and studies in Milwaukee. He also edits Cream City Review. For now, he is on the twitter.

Caleb Jordan, Submissions Editor Caleb always remembers to bring his nocs to the crossroads. That’s him right there on the twitter, little dog.

Amanda Ngoho Reavey, Features Editor Amanda is an Emeritus Poetry Fellow at Black Earth Institute and the author of Marilyn (The Operating System, 2015), which won the 2017 Best Book Award in Poetry from the Association for Asian American Studies. She is a member of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets and holds an MFA in Writing & Poetics from Naropa University. Also find her at Tabi Po.

Associate Editors & Readers, Past & Present: Sydney Vance, Kalyn McAlister, Sabrina Weatherwax, Colton Rowe, Kellyn Berzabal, Anna Dore, Mary Means, Blaize Bothe, Jen Hudgens, Ruth Wait, Nick Brush, Korey Hurni, and Kaz Gargano.

A journal of text & image, petrichor publishes your double mesostics, collage clips, double/triple haibun, asemic cryptolectics, glitching phrases, semiotic pictographs, or just something new. Old school remixes for the digital age will not go unspun. GIFpoetics & code tomes welcome, too. We welcome underrepresented voices and unheard approaches to poetics and the melding of text & image. And lately? We’re feeling angry. If you aren’t seeing you out there, send yourself here.

Best of the Net Noms
Tola Sylvan — “
Selkie” (#18)
Emmett Lewis — “Sedimentary Pipes at Kodachrome Basin” (#18)
Sy Hoahwah — “from Esqueletopram” (#18)
Celina McManus — “sixty-six trash odes” (#19)
Kai Minosh Pyle — “MOOZODE’ | MOOSEHEART” (#19)
Irene Cooper — “pershing square via e 5th street” (#19)

Kristian Macaron — “
Las Vegas, 2049” (#15)
Jabulile Mickle-Molefe — “when i’m assaulted do not ask bernini to sculpt it” (#15)
Amanda Hartzell — “Unknowing” (#16)
Robin Gow — “Door to Nowhere” (#17)
Jessica Kim — “Skedaddle for Blind Girl” (#17)
DT McCrea — “Every Day I Eat One More Cloud from the Sky” (#17)

Isabelle Baafi — “
Endomorphosis” (#14)
Béla Ghosh — “drive through wedding chapel” (#13)
Catherine Weiss — “i can guess what instrument
you played in high school band
” (#13)
Matt Mitchell — “from An American Pastoral Scene” (#13)
Natalie E. Illum — “Edits” (#11)
Tamsin Blaxter — “on occashionly looking yn th mirror + being okei w/it” (#11)

Scherezade Siobhan — echo (#10)
Catherine Weiss—sugar & pornography (#10)
Kelsey Bryan-Zwick — Scoliosis (#9)
Hiba Cheema — Happy Birthday from a War Zone (#9)
John LaPine — My Mother Does Not Want to Be Buried (#8)
Wanda Deglane — 7 Better Endings (#8)
Jessie Janeshek — Channel U/Cold Feet (#7)
James Croal Jackson — Reviewing Geometry for the GRE: First Lesson (#7)
Derick Ebert — Before the Bullet: A Black Panther’s Sestina (#7)
Michelle Watts—Lines of the Lark (#6)
Brooke Larson—Viewer & Bog Body & Other Collapses (#5)
Kirk Windus — The Girl Behind the Glass (#4)
Devon Balwit — Coital, Post-Coital (#4)
Nick Brush — Playing Soldier (#4)
Rich Glinnen — When the Good Lord Takes Me (#2)
Katarina Boudreaux — The White Bike on Rampart (#2)
David Anthony Sam — A Lark is Hunger in the Blood (#2)