sixty-six trash odes

sixty-six trash odes came to life in February 2019 and was resurrected July 2021 at the Sundress Academy for the Arts Residency. In that February, I collected every piece of landfill trash I would have otherwise tossed. At the end of the month, I taped the trash to my wall and wrote to each morsel. The first iteration was mostly small bits of lines, a chunk of text that also felt disposable. I wasn’t sure what I had in mind for it. But as if the poem had been composted, I found it in my drafts at the writer’s residency—I could see the life in it. I then reworked the odes in the liminal space of each item, letting the form dictate when the page was finished. I hope you are able to find surprise and even joy in the reflection and grief of our linear economy.”


Celina McManus (she/they) is a poet, educator, and gardener. She received her MFA from Randolph College, where she was poetry editor for Revolute. Her work is featured in Hooligan Magazine, Peach Mag, Cobra Milk, and others. She is from the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. WEB   TWITTER