Oh, y’know, just your standard Q&A

1) Do I exact revenge on blank spaces with machinegun words?

          You do not often take the high road with your art.

2) Do I connect the happenings of my inner circle with cosmic memory?

          You burn inside and spew with intellectual impatience.

3) Do I love every book I buy?

          You pray to treat all your children the same.

4) Does my olive skin belie what’s frozen in photographs?

          You read faces as patchy sentences on serrated pages.

5) Do I run in ovals only to return to every place I know?

          I’m afraid so, my son, I’m afraid so.

6) Do I fear the underlying principles of the biological imperative?

          You heard today a kindergartener felt neither like a boy or girl but a rose.

7) Does the aftertaste of shopping malls plague me with buyer’s remorse?

          You are accustomed to writing other peoples’ stories in your voice.

8) Does calling someone racist assuage our fear of the unknown?

          You figured out how to turn “off” daylight saving time on your G-Shock watch.

9) Do I think I can hit the center of my truth with an abundance of years?

          You dreamt the silver cross you purchased in Hawaii was back around your neck.

10) Does authentic beauty elude the tendrils of linguistics?

          You want to answer yes but that might be a lie.

11) Do I still believe in my childhood hero?

          You’ll go your remaining days trying to define the meaning of “honor.”