adoring hairy eyeball

          seep thru the screen it does not entail obliteration
          segmented drained sliced otherwise fragmented soaked
          in the backlight [   ] won’t decompose
          as you know
                          recalcitrant corpuscles
                          i’ve never had the want/need for muscles

          so when the headless torso says
          nice face where’s the body
          it’s not a question but a command:
                                                        show me
                                                        your body
                                                        point to where it is or
                                                        would be
                                                        gesture at vague patch
                                                        of space-time
          use your tongue or not when you speak & you
          cling to the follicular regardless

          i began stealing my sibling’s razors in silence
          at a young age
          the digital tapeworms clumped
          in the corners
          now it’s maneuvering sticky digits
                                                                  [  ] god
                                                                  talk about misrecognition
                                                                  the nerve it takes to harbor
                                                                  some kind of fiber like a bed does
                                                                  or a bathtub & its porcelain disorder

                                                                  here’s where they’re dark & thickest
                                                                  & i can show you the sheet of paper you
                                                                  you. use your tongue or not to gesture
                                                                  at a seeing. what a seeing is what seeing is is

Cole Adams is a writer in Providence interested in urban ecology and feminist theory. Their poetry has appeared in Ghost City Review, and Juked.