Variations/ on cunt

                    in : if ongoing
             spring : sensations approach moral benign
                           against belonging
                  ask : anxiety as like
                  the : to chimerically specific
             spring : sexual appetite
                          variant, lurid potential actings
           because : brutal desire arc
                          pleasure obscures, bodies unanswered
                 real : rather, really shattering every
             spring : safe, openly pervasive legislation
                          against urgings
                only : obvious, only relational body

                 I’m : intersubjective am
                only : of and politicized body
                     a : agencies
             spring : sterilized aptitude, perform their urgings analogy
                cunt : crisis, but penetrating states

                only : occulted in delaying body
           because : beyond reality, received behaviors
                          evolutionary offers obscene
           because : bitchy selfhood unchecked
                          strategic stimulated fantasy intensely
           because : blasphemy vessels, peculiar relational accounts
                          intense targeted
                  I’m : indissociable impulses
                      a : antimimetic
                  real : risk level that kill
                 cunt : cerebral but banal anatomy

VC is a Birmingham-grown artist and editor based in Queens. She founded Bomb Cyclone, a journal of ecopoetics, and assists poets, presses, and literary organizations in planning events at Poets House, among the nation’s largest public poetry libraries. Work may be found in Anomaly, The Operating System’s Ex-Spec Po series, Glass Poetry’s Poets Resist series— and elsewhere, under various former aliases. TWITTER