< faux news >

          pink poly explosion
          etched into
          elegant disorder //
          wound in yesterday’s
          pearls             glory live streaming
          from violet lashed pools
          stalactite ceramic vortex
          wrapped in cellophane across
          vintage maps +
          lacquered silver
          waiting for sea lettuce to
          glaze the bottom stones
          weighing oil b/w
          damp layers

          the edge of a spicy society
          like a bedroom ham +
          vibrant tire tracked wrists
          lipsticked a
          golden plastic

< netflix >

          paper argyle squares
          glued to her backless
          nightmares of the red
          forest all but
          showered off
           (why is she using a pay phone?
          what year is this?)
          the pants lace all
          the way          up

          validating the sucking
          hole where the sweat of
          a holographic orb
          vacated the armholes
          of every creepy crawly

          the cat wore leather
          shoes on each paw +
          six butter soft
          mules contemplating
          torture porn
          green screen doctors
          sweater bras +
          rubber suggestions

          can you pause it
          i have to pee

Sara Matson’s poems can be found in The Journal Petra, DATABLEED, Theta Wave, Dying Dahlia Review, Déraciné Magazine, Mannequin Haus, Soft Cartel, Dream Pop, and elsewhere. Her chaplet, Forgotten: Women in Science is available from Damaged Goods Press. Sara lives in Chicago with her rad husband + cats.TWITTER