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Four Poems

Flatten Shadow

          reAdiNg stAiNs
            & cuSps oF
            wiNd / hOw
          lAnds eaTen bY
          Ibis & piranha
           aRe divisible
            In sLuRry

Soluble Teeth

            I fiXEd spotlight
               poLluTing tOpiCal
            GarMent Is eNviROnMent,
            IlLusiONist / pErMaNent
                stickman oRgy iN An
              Oil sLick

Senlac Hill

              uNBridLed, MoNstEr-cHess
                 / histOriOGraPHic,
              HaNds-oN / eNds bLeNded
              upOn tHe ceNSus / How
              fAr frOm The sOUthEast

Meander in a stairwell

            tHough i FrEeFoRm
              sUspICIous waRes
                 No lOnGer fIrE
            eScaPe, problematic
            lETters heLped wiTh
               lOnGterm Version
            & lEaf vaRieTy leFt


Two Pieces with John M. Bennett

DNM Web10

DNM Web10


Jim Leftwich is a poet and essayist. He is the author of Doubt (Potes & Poets, 2000), Six Months Aint No Sentence Books 1 -187 (Differx Hosting@Box, 2011 – 2016), Containers Projecting Multitudes: Expositions on the Poetry of John M. Bennett ( Luna Bisonte Prods, 2019), and three volumes of essays entitled Rascible & Kempt Vols. 1 – 3 (Luna Bisonte Prods, 2016-2017).   WEB

John M. Bennett’s poetry and word art have been published in over 500 books, collected in several major institutions, and exhibited & performed worldwide. His most recent book is Leg Mist (Luna Bisonte Prods, 2019). He is also co-editor, with Geoffrey D. Smith, of two works by William S. Burroughs, both published by The Ohio State University Press.   WEB   BLOG   ARCHIVES   PRESS