Bird song

on my earphones
this morning they hammer outside.

I Can relax! I Can relax!

All of yesterday I remind myself
to exhale now, exhale now.

Did you know fever
is more joyful than depression?

The pills more instantaneous too.

And the sleep, the sleep,
the bright bulbs of a 102 degrees.

Take me, take me. Disco lights
in a psychedelic

rain-forest. All the peacocks
going meooowww, meooowww,

their meooowwws hanging in the wet
of rosewood, bug, soil,

their wings.

Kuhu Joshi is a poet and teaching artist from New Delhi, currently an MFA student at Sarah Lawrence College. Her work appears or is forthcoming in The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Punch Magazine, Bengaluru Review, The Bangalore Review, and Ruptured: A Mental Health Anthology. She is the author of the photo-chapbook Private Maps (Human/Kind Press, 2020). INSTAGRAM