The Canyon’s bellow &
       Indian writing on Cliff varnish
       Water seeps
       Bends the backs of earth

       Pot ash pollution
       Of Colorado river

       Red Ridges
       Rising sun
       Like waves fossilized

       Hollywood films name Native lands Geronimo
       Cowboy companies mining scar like white
       Scott scratching his name

       Chambers of gods
       Mothers Brush strokes
       Sold for “development”

       They listen to classic rock while
       Fiery furnace is freezing

Love Spices

       Sea salt
       Curry paprika
       Cayenne pepper Season
       This earth

       Giant form drip mountains
       Castles ó coral
       Emerald gates of pine

       Intermix between
       Smooth like skin tone tans
       Browns Gold Pink & White hue
       Contrasted by
       The sky of Blue

       Together, wrapped between
       I begin to feel you
       Stranger I’ve only just met

       I’ve no prerequisite
       You remain true
       Our recipe will never


       Who does
       Who will

       Do this castle belong to
       Who made these fixtures of sand and stone

       Who do the one that make you moan
       Grind your hips,
       the pestle mortar
       Thunder before the sun shone

       How many homanies and spliced onions in spiced water
       Makes our harmonies so…

Chris Marmolejo is a young mestizo writer. Poetry provides him the ability to affirm his place in the world. Much of his work is inspired by traveling and the contrasts seen between geography of the earth, the physical body, and the mental landscape. He is pursuing a career as an author, photographer and educator.