The Old Man

       the old man sits
       forgotten on the hill
       empty head and eyes are gone

       the old man doesn’t know his name
       the sun rises in his mouth
       the crow eats his teeth

       the old man smells the earth
       moving beneath him
       sinks into her
       she knows his touch

       he breaks his bones to lie down
       he breathes yellow mist
       and red moon light

Stranger Beasts

       the wolf lies in peace
       imposing on the stream
       smaller beasts join the waters below
       the door to stare from
       fear or thrill
       either be new
       willingly not to dare

       the wolf call wants no reply
       moon shine sees its false light
       buzzing dawn
       the risen sun
       of yesterday
       knows not itself

       for today
       we are stranger beasts
       to think of here or there
       meaner minds to want
       the everywhere

Dustin Ray was born and raised in southwest Oklahoma, and he truly enjoys a good beer.