To Deter Distance’s Cravings (Ballade)

       Stringed stirrings blend with raspy notes,
       Curtain’s drawn against night’s shavings.
       Beyond, paper, pen, stars spin routes,
       Mystic symbols, two suns’ pavings.
       Adoration’s hours incarnate,
       Refurbishes memory’s savings.
       Plays savior-aid, does assimilate
       Pasts, do deter distance’s cravings.

       We refer spans, dream, emote,
       Retrace warm joint behavings,
       Like doves, on the other dote.
       While ink’s solitude waves
       Company. Loneliness creates
       Double strength, double braving,
       Merges images with thoughts’ gating
       Pasts, do deter distance’s cravings.

       Trading implements for hopes, devoting
       More than pages, heart’s archives bring
       Wonders. Let’s feast ‘til sated,
       Toasting memories while raving.
       No ambrosia better mixes, better mates
       Me. Wine so potent, so enslaving,
       Dregs, skillfully demonstrating
       Pasts, do deter distance’s cravings.

       Twilight writers hallucinate,
       Attempt restoring quaverings
       Of yesterday. Their scripts bait
       Pasts, do deter distance’s cravings.

Playfully quaint KJ Hannah Greenberg gets high on adverbs, mixes more metaphors than a platypus has pockets, and attempts to matchmake words like “balderdash” and “xylophone.” Occasionally, she also creates mawkish prose. Hannah has produced many books of poetry, including two forthcoming: Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties (Unbound CONTENT, 2016), and A Grand Sociology Lesson (Lit Fest Press, 2017).