PowerBar Pro Meets Ferret Expert

       I am a vegetarian cyclist.
       I do consume milk
       but no meats or eggs. Do any
       of your products fit
       into a lacto-vegetarian lifestyle?

       Young ferrets, or kits, can play
       roughly, but
                                  with handling
       with handling
       and training they should get
                    of their biting stage before
       adulthood. You did
       not mention if
       your ferret was
                                   neutered. Some intact
       males can be more
       aggressive when they are in
       rut, but
       is usually aimed at other
       ferrets and not at their owners.


       Do I still need to focus
       on hydration during
       nbsp;                                       long runs outside
       in the winter months? I don’t seem
       to sweat as much.

       I tend not to let
                                   my ferrets around
       the Christmas tree
       for a number
                                   of reasons. Ferrets
       are capable
       of climbing
       the tree,
       could cause
       a problem
       including an injury
       from falling
       or injury
                                from the pine
                                Ferrets may also eat
       the ornaments
       or the gifts
                                under the tree. Ferrets
       might try to drink the tree
                    and that water can be
       a breeding ground for bacteria.
                    might get sap in their fur.


       Hello. I’m 62 years old.
       I ride
                    with a bicycle group.
       What would you recommend for me
       when we take a break
                    through a 30
                                              40or 40 mile ride?

       The best thing to do is to either
       spray some Bitter
                    on your wrists so that
       you do not taste good to her
       or lift your hands up
       off the floor
                              when you see
       her coming. If you have
       to have your hands
       on the floor for some reason,
       be sure to tell her “No!”
       when you see her approach
       your wrists. If she goes
                                               after you
       anyway, pick her up
       by the scruff, like her mom would,
       and tell her No
       very firmly
                                 and then set her
       down again.


       I’m going to kayak
       from Scotland
                              to the Faroe Islands.
       It is possible this trip
       will take three full days with cold
       nights and colder seas. Which
       of your products would you
                              what sort of quantities,
       and how
                       should I balance them?

       This is my favorite part
       of living with ferrets,
                                    the bottlebrush tail.
       An excited, scared
       or exploring ferret
       will seem
                         to burst with emotion,
       and it shows in its tail.
       The official name
       for this
                      is piloerection,
       but ferret owners call it
       bottlebrush tail because the tail
       resembles the brush
       used to clean a bottle.
                                    I would
       describe it
       as fluffy
       and prickly
                         as the hair
       on their tail stands on end.
       Unless something
                                is causing
       your ferret to be nervous
       or upset, then he
       is expressing his excitement
       at being able
                               to explore
       outside his familiar cage.


       My 14-year-old daughter swims
       two hours every day. Could
       you suggest
                                  the best
       combination of products
       to help keep her from tanking?

       In order to enrich her,
       focus on her senses of smell
       and sound. Play
                                  music, talk to her, be
       a little noisy when you are coming
       to interact
                                with her, and find
       toys that have bells
       or some other noisemaker
       in them.
                                For her sense of smell, hide
       treats in her cage, give her
       a stinky shirt
       to play with, or bring in smells
       from outside.

Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. His book Activities of Daily Living is forthcoming from Salmon Books in 2017. He is also an acclaimed singer-songwriter whose latest solo album is Good Grief (2015). The sophomore album from his band, The Injured Parties, is due this year.