Maximillian “Titaglio” Pissante is our Dualaspect22
Monist, boiling at 3560 K (3287 °C, 5949 °F). If:ste
ps.node-cache/output/.cache= ‘true’, then Ar, std(Ti)

Nosferatu, eine Symphonie des Grauens. Why stifle22
the sacred spark’s wrest for ShrinKicks, asks Count
Orlock. Is Titaglio a Litionista? Answer: 22, symbol:

“Ti”, element: “Titanium”, originName: “Titans, the
Earth goddess sons: Greek mythology”, group: “4”,
period: 4 }. Unillumined answer: part specter, part

mutilato in derate by siluvia. Rarity, now, triumphs
over uplaid in fide by otica. A braver purpose? Yom
ha-din: “build:docs”: “docgen.maria.hebraea.apidoc

introit– 22Ti./dist”, under selfrevula, revises nocles,
thus yes for anachrony. How pulist for an archpara
in rocity. Maxi prefers principium individuationis [if

(!IS_NULL_OR_NIL(selBg/AcracyColor)) {then plate,
tube, rods, and powder. (SAE-AMS, MIL-T), ISOkenó
standards, pelt the blood. Re: Mr. Balaur. Solicit the

censorious superego and minstrelize it in datkepup.
For antinistas, hellfire, hove out, a ligature between
pulator and teufelsdröckh, unleashes the regiments.

In miscēre, the terrible import. In yistid, the terrible
cloesic. Fum, disout, git and dat: enbofe, supple in22
act and stance, Maxi’s uneasy in parody. “Url”: “git:/

git”, for all preoedipal selves and theriolaters: Uber
die Unverstandlichkeit
. Bloodblack, burnt, he pricks

the discharge preoedipal selves and theriolaters lick
dirty. Is it lick or decapitare, from its morphemes de-
(down, from) + capit- (head)? Enter a source hunter

who critpacks the track, rective by contraries [comm
itlik/varaction = cli.argv._.shift(fallbeil)], or venwaric
by socrae. Rather than stress over Eros and Thanatos,

Maximillian stays at ease in a Godcon and melts at 19
41 K (1668 °C, 3034 °F). Clinical IdeTails defeat the22
Authorized Version. Citrant at best, plucks the clung.

Pharasetica preempts the AV and overpraises lifiers.
Summa rip the skew. Instep the arch. Now, set culum
for crony and ask the fact for the form. First fact: cli.o

(build.config, {neltica. Blur the blot. Tapose by supire
results in a count: genius loci is pocanics and stigates.
Maximillian is vinity by chemic force, by rientals [TIT

createUUID)], rouses up enmity. For epanalepsis, add
destruction (apōleias). Scorch the flaking slab! Oblate

the >chymotechnicae! Tongue the anomie! For the high
dielectric constant, try melitzhá’s intrapsychic â•œsig
jewâ•š. Atonics
for Ikhnaton or drashica for Maxi’s [sq

lite22_reset(stmt)], geistig demands? Answer: jargon’s
ciolics double for his Lucretian iclarity in this epyllia22.
Maximillian, as evasion master, eludes his tiAnalyticsO

ject>appStart = reality principle with a savage source’s
carbonyl complexes, e.g. (C5H5)2Ti(CO)2. Antivate HIS22
assent as a neotian mode, for his true nature is vensian.

which pernoble master concedes? The heldentod, Maxi’s
secondary expositor. Neotics or claptrap? Urge dulity its
phantic vigor, its strials near Beulah. Parry: [riposte.tit.]


For Maximillian Pissante, nihil de principe, parum
de deo
, is Zip::ZipFile.open(DIST + /vanadium.zip,
Zip:PsychèKósmou::ZipFile::KatechonREIT). Ar, std

(V) is a catalyst for woketopian sulfuric acid, Maxi
bipolarizes as consarco’s esthétique du mal in dark
fugatos, in dead light. Fold less the crink in vex as23

customary reserve. Fold more lamenta and tinsels
for the Counter Sublime. Trauermusik’s Musique23
Funèbre is Maxi’s Opus Alchymicum, boiling at 368

0 K (3407 °C, 6165 °F). In a broken bold, holy doom
in bronze décor shines its up, stark, near a cure’s f.r

Buffò tosses out a harridan and shreds her memoir.
He becomes an Algosiast, Maxi’s current alias, his if
(modifier == only_on_blur)/{transcon, the aesthete.

Two parallels become one, satilic in their baroque23
heft. Dazeor in Cinate is read by Rabbi Wesheit, alias
for Buffò’s Maximillian alias, The Avenging Daemon.

Trit his incon, his trician: siccar by the incarnate [va
r dx = scrollX – this.prevScrollX], word, the inoperae
in appetency. Use this jocupros against this antiotica.

Groan the heave for here Maxi’s a fierce partisan [ur
l: “../raw/ Basileus_ton_Ioudaion/master/sacrum,V
/wiki.css”,], a circon, unappeases the regrine, its [wi

n = elem.is(‘html,*body’), ledict a MAGISTER LUDI23
lacquered by academic idolatry. Maxi’s cryptanalysis
is 23, symbol: “V”, element: “Vanadium”, originName:

“Vanadis, Old Norse for the Scandinavian goddess
Freyja”, group: “5”, period: 4 }. As Rēx Iūdaeōrum,
Max, via Freyja, is here ‘harsher’—foi originaire, a

steel smelter slag. Depraise his share. The danger,
cognitive originality without precedent, antisic if(
targ.is/ in its toriality. Diffuse the halt by cavaliers

with black plumes, here in heroic mulus, in a jQue
ry/DOM. Kenomatics by pagan Hypnerotomachia
Poliphili as bypass, are better than etica for doom

tactics. His Virgin Hodegetria-wi_hat, p_axis_in, mu
eller::stokes_basis(nosographica), flaunts her gout
in welts, in todia. Suture the dispass, not the bypass

with its petus. Cinerate, upend the chist in distica23
frenzy and overhail Maximillian. He melts at 2183 K
(1910 °C, 3470 °F). Anticasts overhail the todestrieb

with caturics and curse their cryptic-heliotropica. ∮
molmass += ∮chem_periodic_table[∮chem_number
byatom[∮el]][23]∮cnt[∮k], curses their Entzug des

Seins. With Hodegetria, Maximillian effaces makom
or is it khorein? Urban purgatorio’s a bitch. Maxi [c
hem_anions] prefers diapasonics, presenti or [sys.st

dout.flush() crematori, Pierrot or Gargantua, in.htm
with saucerians. Sift here the dire sum that burns23
as nitaliac in Revelation 2:17. Maxi cockcums a lust

for Pure Possession and Improves Baator’s 9 Hells.
Which dramaturg? Spear in a rave, vertex: invents23
the posthumanhuman and untongues the pace’s [Co

nfig(“Framerate”, Pandechos/Default_Value = 23)].
Rucia is annus mirabilis for unguent in pararhyme
and prerim parallel a’arikh appi as raw singularity.


Maximillian “Veroffenbarkeit” Pissante’s 24Cr::uni
que_ptr lonkhē_helper_, is steelygrey escapology. Rage

is retrait’s tehillati ehetam. As dark confession [“(C
Tremians lyx their INOVAAT as Nucopians lyx their

ROCOSM. As Maximillian’s spinex, consanguinities24
dread reliquary hands and divide the coda. Archaic
copals are supplanted by phenolic and maleic resins,

therefore flāgitā are chrome sibyls that boil at 2944
K (2671 °C, 4840 °F). Irrefrag the stave, severe in d[‘
loggingdēofulPrefs’] = {‘browsertiufal’: ‘AI’} syntax’s

abuse, altars rise or raise allure: still exclaim receive.
24, symbol: “Cr”, element: “Chromium”, originName:
“the Greek chroma, ‘color’”, group: “6”, period: 4 }, or

exult his canzoni as silvery metallic faith: his laus et
. In fine, polarize the infrangic cock. Fleck
the deflect, argosic. Their topos, piracy, a via<inherit

antirust=‘Boilerpipe’/>negativa, dispose or unbetray
the fob. Agile rage grinds a dark salvo. In Ammon’s24
Temple, NH4Cl’s old alchemical sal ammoniac defies

chromates antirust paint. Maxi’s Messianic Promise
disregards less amplitude, aubadic with sneer, soul
in soul, epipsychic. Force his propulsive force, here

in defense and persuasion, in his Upward Veer. One
arc synoptic stains its radii and founds a new idiom
for legatee and forerunner: [if BUILDFLAG(IS_CHRO

“lema‘an shemi a’arikh appi u-tehillati ehetam lakh24
le-vilti hakhritekha,”
but implies his melting at 2180

K (1907 °C, 3465 °F). Absolute interiority demurs by
peristellein. Agile riatar, incinca by leap, ucial in cess,
he octaves the covenant, steals the NIZ. Look for [so24

urce_set//:(“dbus_unittests_filters”) {Sancta Trinitas,
Unus Deus], fiery poles and foster his romquest, here
in Char C++. Cogisiter by captivity, locaust by seignory,

Maximillian undoes a posant. In the foundry, he casts
a giant ischiadicum. Lead on spiky client: [24Cr hook_p
rivmsg(ph: PluginHandle<’_, P>) {Te Deum

Landamus yields for dehoodie, invites the clinch and24
slams the cinch. In his teat, whip n’hip, a lewd trounce
trekcasts ride the rod and dot the lurk. Here’s solsperm!

Culata reigns over anonthrob. Choke or slow this wild
sursis with Hades in the brain. Code the riven stump24,
burst the strap and chrome plate the hog. Against this

ad Socium, the glossa ordinaria (dokeo, thus Docetism),
intercepts the afflicted. Then, burnt by restore, giarize
the pidors, now and bare. Pack the tennae, dim bilicus

in shrill ganglia with Lazarus taxa. His vanic blare oils
its tympana and saves the lie. Thus, Maximillian’s 53Cr
is Max radiogenic decay product 53Mn (half-life = 3.74

million years). What Maxi’s not is the not-I, the Button
Molder, the hyle: albeit secret, survie, ‘living-on’. Smbi
os-/genotoxic/lethal dose: lichtwesen must ‘set down’

this severe privation. Speak this bat kol, not marranic,
not batch by batch, celeb forager: fides abscondita, CO
NFIG_UEFI_CPER=its der neuzen Zeiten, Maxi’s chrom.

Daniel Y. Harris is the author of numerous collections of xperimental writing. His Posthuman Series includes The Misprision of Agon Hack, Volume IV (2021), The Reincarnation of Anna Phylactic (2019), Volume III, The Tryst of Thetica Zorg (2018), Volume II and The Rapture of Eddy Daemon (2016), Volume I, all from BlazeVox. His xperimental writing and sauvage art have been published in Alligatorzine, BlazeVOX, Denver Quarterly, European Judaism, Marsh Hawk Review, The New York Quarterly, Notre Dame Review, perspektive and Poetry Salzburg Review. He is the Publisher of Var(2x). See Daniel in issues Five and Ten.   WEB