Rot 13

a rat bit everything i owned
palm leaves and crysanthemums
every nickel n nebula

and april and winters spent
leaving or preparing to leave
forgetting if i’d already left

wherever it is that i am i am
already chasing an apology
goose half off the ground

teeth half over tongue
love in case u
lack i slapped

tongue into the maple
truck crashed
ink over everything

pain n nipple burst
erosion of soil
an orgasm

teeth worn down
soft edges me
worn down to soft

everything you gave me
the edges the oil slick
barrel church fire years

locked up in the earth
all the horses in me
all the soil shivered

the red stop sign
occluded by white snow
two hesitant drivers

cold hard mandalas striking everything
ice under wheel
a shifting shrieking mist

the brain calcifying one last pattern: