a soft rain caresses
The trees aflame

In a blood reddened fog

A glistening heron stands on one leg
In a river
broken dolls
garments of prayer
Floating past…

The war poems



This circle of evening rain
Quiet storm of ancestral finger prints come down to touch us
To touch the earth….

Rain that touches the shivering birds to sing

A droplet of rain undulates on the white clothesline
In front of me

What quivering message it holds does not pass through its transparency

Only memory….

Years ago I knelt on a sidewalk looking into the open eye of a dying bird

A slow cloud of grey beginning in the corners of its eye

As the great cloud that enfolds our sleep

As it rains…

from the entities cycle
October 14 21



through the open window
Arrived from a wintered Italian plain

Ghosted faces gather in their awakenings

always near….

We have been traveling
By a wind tossed sea
Our hands scarred by grace and sorrow….

With messages of darkness and stone
In our luggage of drying dreams

By this footpath

silent as rain

We embrace the coming days…

from the entities cycle
October 14 21


Lance Henson is a poet of the Cheyenne nation of Oklahoma. He has fifty-one books of poetry published and translated into more than twenty languages, mostly recently Voyager: For the Cheyenne (Mauna Kea Edizioni, 2020). He lives with his wife in Bologna, Italy.