two worlds     one burns

as we slip into prismatic                 allinone unlands             entangled handheld realms that
instruct without comprehension                                       left                   then right foot moves
left                then right brains drift                     into sleep without                       rest or dream

foxes tread not through electric briars                                    are lulled not into the dim doze
of inspired voltaic spores                                    loosed                           from the undergrowth
of a cumulatively constructed unreality                                           an implosive discollection
foxes discern from the brittle leaved               edges of forestfield      dry as tinder awaiting
a spark to set                                                                                                      greenwood ablaze

once lit foxes break               their silence         yelp                                         howl in glittering
decibels beyond        dense human comprehension                                             as we hustle
convinced of the significance of our senseless                                             rush         through
electron masquerades                          and wonder                                    why the hills flicker
goldencrimson         why the skies sallow          with smoke      why the scent of singed fur

when we spot a fox                             its eyes                aglint with the sparkle     of crackling
sap aflame in the veins          of nonelectronic                          trees we              once walked
among forgetting                            even as we                           stepped                           there


Rae Diamond is an artist, educator, and nature advocate, who weaves language, breath, sound, movement, and things found outside into intricate doorways that lead to vast worlds. They began self publishing zines as a homeless youth in the ’90’s, and their book, The Cantigee Oracle, is now published by North Atlantic Books. Rae’s first poetry and image collection will be published by First Matter Press in September 2023.   WEB   TWITTER