texture woven heartsilt pantheon
of   whisk together third
cupful fingertips dimple top
cutouts won’t follow the      recipe and it
worries you. if it works why change why change why

lofty glutenous rising bubbling are   forming eight
won’t you hexagon into shape face is dusty. home won’t
fall away if you leave to hook back      up to the mainframe, baked
heaven might. (maybe home will though.)   curse your
sodabread ancestors for the addiction gene, have   you checked
in with your grandparents? sea, beidh mé (can’t
conjugate right enough nomore) father   insolvent
tickets homeland—and bake sodium bicarbonate up to
fix the      cracks


Shelby Rice is a loser by birth and a hater by choice. They were longlisted for the Wigleaf Top 50 in 2023 and have been published in HAD, Rejection Letters, American Literary Review, and more. They frequently see post offices and are filled with an inexplicable sense of longing.   TWITTER