The Girl Behind the Glass

     I watched fish swim and gold glitter without a dime—
     everything I want through walls.

     Your shirt shines under streetlight. I want to cover your mouth
     with smoky lips, suck the vodka off your tongue. Paint a tally
     on your ribs before you toss me like ash. Draw poems on your
     arms and hearts in your foam and sprawl words across the
     walls. I want your skin to cover me like a casket.

     I hope they wash that window and buffer that tattoo on your
     hip. I hope it tastes like sugar on your tongue where my
     fingerprints linger. And I hope you see the sun through
     the tint

                                  and the splinters my hammer left trying
                           to break through the ocean of my
                           reflection between us.

Kirk Windus is a poet and fiction writer from Bolivar, New York. His work has previously appeared at Typehouse Literary Magazine, Ink in Thirds, and Across the Margin. Kirk holds a journalism degree from St. Bonaventure University.