eat   it
                         o ion

       alien ailing

       lean teal telling tile


                          a tale nailing to neon

                          a line tin late tine a [t] eat [en]

                                                         glean genital agenting lent to gate
                                                         a tag in gentian titillation
                                                         negating lag to let a logo
                                                         negating gage elating NOT-ation

                          atoning too late ling-lit line

                          atoning too late going gone

                          going   ::   ago

       ago ago*

       going gone

                          ago  ::  going




Note: * ago: also from the Yoruba and Cuban Santería songs to Elegba: “ago”: make way

Leigh Herrick is an award-winning poet, writer, and recording artist. Her work has most recently appeared in Otoliths and Caliban Online. Her recordings are available through CD Baby. Her most recent collection is is Without, Haiku (Bookbaby, 2013). WEB