Just Pour Another

One bottle of
courage filled
with the life
blood of cursed
salvation. A red
Zin is a girl’s best
friend and only
lover in the eye
of the storm, in
the mind of a mael-
strom while spinning
purples and blues etch out
fresh destruction. Kali-Ma is all
the entwined winds, the swirling rebirth,
clearing more space for freedom and making
more waves of change. Cheers to nights unbur-
dened by the past, cloaked by the inevitable future.
Her birthing dance turns so fierce that flames
can’t help but breathe in this sleek Force of Nature,
kiss the Earthly touch of my element in its strongest
fury, its most magnificent incarnation of annihilation.
I’m left to wonder: Am I afraid of myself? See those
clouds heavy with blackness, Air clammy with fear;
identities shredded like their possessions, places;
lands murdered and reborn in a single gust—a great
re-shaping of reality’s touch. So ask how much power
you truly have in your whimsy. Can it ever be mea
sured whole & solid? Can it ever be grasped fluid &
free? Where is that middleman, again? Where are the
mentors? Pressed betwixt pages, stacked with dusty
kindred pulses in one of the few forms of immortality
to survive humanity’s insanity. Raised glasses for all
those lost loves martyred for the opposite’s gain due to
a new disenfranchised reign, for all the extra pain that
drips into the mornings and across the hours, for the
liberated touch, for the unbound sound, for the innate
truth that you may have always heard the dead better
than the living. I’m in love with an unfinished dream-
and it’s all I’ve ever wanted for that tiny ingénue you.

Simone Liggins earned her MFA in Writing at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics of Naropa University. The foundation for her love of literature was paved at an early age and blossomed during her teenage years through the kind of tortured freedom that only the ostracism of society can grant a person. Her influences include but are not limited to: Sylvia Plath, Kurt Vonnegut, Octavia Butler, Lenore Kandel, Laurell K. Hamilton, The Beatles, Lady Gaga, and Jimi Hendrix.