Snake Cold Beer

       Teri and I wanted to know,
       since snakes were cold blooded,
       if all we had to do to chill our beer
       was to place a snake or two in there
       inside a secure ice chest.

       “One snake per six-pack might do?”
       “Not quite magic but, yes, entirely like magic.”
       “Put a snake in there, wait a while, then enjoy,”
       we told ourselves.

       Teri thought of all the other cool wonders,
       the other breakthroughs,
       the other delights
       that could come from our experimentations
       with snake cold beer.

       “Like snake cold packs for swollen faces.
       Place pack on face then add snake.”

       I warn her about getting carried away with snakes.

       “Just think,” I said, “Of all the problems that might arise
       from sticking too many snakes in the radiator of a car
       when it overheats.
       She told me, “Silly man, fixing the car with snakes is a man’s job.”

       “Think about this,” she said,
       “Cold war with snakes not missiles.
       Cold criminal cases
       and snakes.
       Cold turkey without turkey.
       Cold winters wrapped in blankets
       and snakes.
       Summer colds brought on by snakes.
       Cold openings on SNL with Trump
       and snakes.
       Snake cooling towers for nuclear power plants.
       Small snakes for laptop cooling.
       Larger snakes for desktops.

       Instead of receiving a cold shoulder–a snake
       Cold calls
       from snakes.
       Cold water chilled
       with snakes.
       Cold ice cream chilled
       with snakes.
       Cold hearted bastards
       and snakes.
       Needing a cold shower but getting
       a snake.

       Cool tattoos,
       cool hairdos,
       cool kids’ names,
       cool songs for the guitar,
       all involving snakes.”

       I told her that we could also build a large pit
       for to place all the world leaders in.
       We could put all the heads of State in there
       with snakes
       so they can chill out.
       They’d be in there with snakes
       till they come up with solutions
       to poverty, climate change,
       starvation, human rights,
       homelessness, inequality,
       pollution, and war.

       Once done, they can come out and have a beer with us.

Terry Gresham lives in Lawton, OK, with his wife Teri McGrath, where they frequent the local Sigma Tau Delta readings. Terry holds a bachelor’s degree in Biological Science. He has been published in Cybersoleil, and Dragon Poet Review.