in the cupped
cleft of a     curved
depressed dimpled
excavation notched pitted striated
sunken this vaulted void alveolate
and honeycombed carved out
infundibular organ inviolate
convex and          earnest
full and            genuine
you hold               the asymmetrical
truth and tension         of every feigned
forced or         affected unfilled
meaningless      penetration
awaiting in earnest sincerity
with soft fullness vibrating
clangorous truthful joy
every pulsating connection
of substance
so far from

Amy Baskin’s work is currently featured in journals including armarolla, Friends Journal, and Riddled With Arrows. She matches international students at Lewis & Clark College with local residents to help them feel welcome and at home during their stay in Portland, Oregon. Her daily focus is to practice how to engender the feeling and safety of feeling welcome and at home—in the universe, on a city block, within one’s own skin.