#3 art by Yvan Guillo


          Chris Campanioni // Jacob Price // Kristopher “Catfish” David Cooley //
          Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo // Yuan Changming // Guinotte Wise //
          Lana Bella // Glen Armstrong // Jonathan Yungkans //
          Ashley Pettibon // Samuel Cole // Lincoln Dunn //
          Ace Boggess // Richard King Perkins II // Larry Thacker //
          Chad W. Lutz // Carter Vance // Liz Adair //

Editors: Seth Copeland, Colton Rowe

Cover artist: Yvan Guillo, AKA Yvang, AKA Samplerman, is an obscure French cartoonist. He lives and works on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. He takes a lot of blurry pictures of the clouds in the sky at morning. He has not received any award for his comics, but he’s fine with that. WEB