Hatching a Kinetic Sculpture

mystery mind inside cracking the event horizon

                                                          hive comb the stolen drips of a moniker

                                                          jazz hands I raise you ectoplasm

particles and waves the other half a breath

                                                          riding out interplanetary tides of memory foam

                                                          in between planes a great sequoia takes root

matters of what each syllable unburns a fire

Kat Lehmann                                           GRIX

Into the Undefined

light echoes inside the mooncradle of a canyon

                                                          sun days our shades of earth turn into air

                                                          hawk sounds to soar the space inside an atom

honing in the keyhole gaze of an owl limpet

                                                          waves of sea velvet a protandrous fish

                                                          sip of dissolved oxygen a life solving for x

the atlas & axis sliding into enemy territory

GRIX                                                           Kat Lehmann

Kat Lehmann is a Touchstone Award-winning haiku poet and scientist based in Connecticut, USA. Kat is Co-Founder / Co-Editor of Whiptail: Journal of the Single-Line Poem, and a panelist for the Touchstone Distinguished Book Award. Her third book is Stumbling Toward Happiness: Haibun and Hybrid Poems (2019). TWITTER & INSTAGRAM

When GRIX isn’t juggling medication bottles, they are lying in bed, editing for Whiptail: Journal of the Single-Line Poem, Sonic Boom, and Yavanika Press, and reading for kontinuum. TWITTER & INSTAGRAM