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Kelsey Zimmerman
Manuel Paul López
Tola Sylvan
Margot Douaihy
Sy Hoahwah
C. T. Dinh
GRIX / Kat Lehmann
Alex Z. Salinas
Brianna Pike
Emmett Lewis
Derek Berry
Jarid McCarthy
Erik Kennedy
Varsha Kalyani

Review: Remi Recchia’s Quicksand/Stargazing

Featured Artist: Claudio Parentela
Included throughout this issue are pieces by Italian artist Claudio Parentela. He is an illustrator, painter, digital painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist, textile artist, and freelance journalist. He has collaborated with many contemporary art, literary and comic magazines in Italy and in the world. WEB   TWITTER   INSTAGRAM   VIMEO