recent evidence of fire

we’re not having the conversations we need to be having about fire;
ie is it alive? what does it want? can it love me? etc.
a phantom hearth wreaths my skull                                i hang out in the woods and talk shit
he and i have used             have made             fires
put our hands and feet down bare in the dirt             stood naked to dry from the reservoir
then i did not know this
and then i did not ask my questions about fire
how the stacks which burn off coke and steel       in orange and blue             can be my lovers
what we found there at that fire and the woods             what i found the next day
cold dark and dirty stain dashed against the earth             quiet betrays the night before
the loons have stopped calling

Doorway Effect

walking into the same room again                                                                      into the same room
again                        walking into the room                                                                                        passing       through                 into the room
always passing always            permeating                                always                         bleeding into
the world’s tallest mountain
being climbed by the world’s
second tallest mountain
                                                                                        passing through  memory
                                                                                                                        into memory
a tendency to forget                     suspended                   in the door           caught up in a threshold
trapped into                              the same moment                                                          stoppered up
the difference                     between               inner                             and                                 outer
two very beautiful and
very prehistoric insects
copulating in amber
                                                                                        frozen into a space
                                                                                                                        fucking forever
the space            in the space         where                  room             and                                     room
foldupandintoeachother            with              a white hot nothing little middle                     nesting
half in one                                                                                                                 half in the other
i want to write GOD on
my skin to see if it doesn’t make
me look smaller in comparison
                                                                                        the same size of
                                                                                                                   size of itself
why did i come into my kitchen?

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