Fish in Crazy Water

Trauma Syllabus

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ACROSS                                                                  DOWN
1 “champagne-coated”                                           2 has its own narrative
6 creator of material that                                        3 traumatized children, detach, float;
encompasses scars, humor, heart,                          topsy-turvy awareness
conflict, music, energy, personal                         4 the immense fragility
stories, culture                                                        5 Nox
12 a decorated wooden framework                    7 Our household was
supporting the coffin                                             8 Love is not love till love’s _____
13 I was locked in a _____                                     9 “stop being a _____
14 I don’t want to romanticize                              10 emotion I trusted more than love
15 dog owners’ live revolve around                    11 number of times violated
_____                                                                        16 He bore a resemblance to Don
20 revolting phrase                                                    Knotts
22 was what kept our family together                17 an insolvable question
23 Her name was Margaret but                           18 Injury felt so right a word
everyone called her                                              19 exists in trauma’s complexities
24 grief is                                                                 21 the lone mountain lion in Griffith Park


Yvonne Conza’s writing has appeared in Longreads, The Believer, Electric Literature, LARB, Bomb Magazine, AGNI, The Rumpus, Joyland Magazine, Blue Mesa Review, Ex/Post, and elsewhere. London’s Dodo Ink and Scotland’s Epoch Press have included her work in the 2021 anthologies Trauma: Art As a Response to Mental Health and Aftermath. LATEST   TWITTER   INSTAGRAM